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How do I configure my Windows 7 machine to print?

Last updated: September 13th, 2016 10:27 AM

To add these printers on a Windows 7 machine for use inside the department's network you must first install the LPR software. To install the LPR software go to START then Control Panel, click Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off, expand Print and Document Services, select the LPR Port Monitor check box, and then click OK. This may take a few minutes to load. Once the LPR software is installed you may add as many printers as you like.

Adding printers in Windows 7 is done by going to START, Devices and Printers, Add a printer, Add a local printer (this is not intuitive, but Windows considers printers linked by LPR to be local and NOT networked), select "Create a new port", choose "LPR Port", click NEXT.

When printing via WIRELESS-PITTNET, you must activate the VPN in order to print. A new window will open and request 2 entries. The "Name of the server providing lpd" is always "". The "Name of the printer" will be the printer you wish to install, such as ps2, color-ps, ps6n, etc.

Windows now asks you to install a printer driver. Select the manufacturer of the printer from the left box and the printer model from the right box. You can determine this from the table above.

If you do not see the model of the printer listed, press the "Windows Update" button and Windows will find more drivers for you. Choose a postscript driver (the name usually ends in PS). Click "NEXT".

Windows now asks you to name the printer. Choose something like "queue-name-here via LPR". For example, for the ps2 queue, choose "PS2 via LPR". You may rename this printer at any time, so the name you choose is not critical. Click NEXT.

Windows next asks if you wish to share this printer. Choose "Do not share this printer". Click NEXT.

Windows now allows you to print a test page and decide if you wish to use this printer as your default. Make your selections and Click FINISH. Note that you may change your default printer at any time, so this choice is not set in stone!

Your printer is now installed. You may wish to enable features, such as duplex printing. Or you can start using it right away. If you wish to customize the printer settings, right click on the printer and select "Printer Properties" and/or "Printer Preferences". Each driver is unique, but inside "Printer Properties" you'll find a "Device Setting" tab that will allow you to enable "Installable options" such as duplex printing. Inside "Printing Preferences" you'll find a "Finishing" tab that will allow you to use "Duplex printing" as your default. You may find that you must first enable duplex printing inside "Printer Properies" before you can see it in "Printing Preferences". Again, each driver is unique so the tab names may vary.

If you have any questions or problems installing a print driver, or do not feel comfortable attempting this, just contact the tech staff via the ticket system. We will happily arrange an appointment to demonstrate to you how printers are installed and will setup the printers for you.

When printing via WIRELESS-PITTNET, you must activate the VPN in order to print.