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What do I do if I need more disk space?

Last updated: July 31st, 2013 04:41 PM

User accounts are initially created with a default disk quota. Occasionally more disk space may be needed for data intensive applications. If you need more disk space, you should send e-mail to requesting more space and why you need it.

The AFS command "fs lq" will tell you your disk quota (in 1-Kbyte blocks), how many of those blocks are currently used, the percentage used, and the percentage of space used on the disk partition that you share with other users. Note that this command will tell you this information about the AFS volume that your current working directory resides in. If your username does not appear in the volume name listed with this command just "cd" to your home directory.

The UNIX command "du" will give you a block count and an idea of how much space is being used by a individual directories and files. See the man page for this command for the particular workstation you are on.