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How often are my files backed up?

Last updated: July 31st, 2013 04:45 PM

The technical staff performs backups every weeknight. If you accidentally delete or change a file and do not discover the error the same day, send e-mail to describing the file you would like recovered.

If you discover the error the same day (i.e. before the next nightly backup is done), you can quickly recover the file yourself. Each weeknight, a copy of all files within your AFS volume is backed up to a separate volume pointed to by the symbolic link called "Backup" in your home directory. You may use the UNIX command "cd" to get to this volume and its subdirectories which is a mirror of your home directory for the previous day.

Once you locate the file in question, use the UNIX "cp" command to copy this file to the appropriate spot in your home directory. See the "cp" man page for the system that you are logged onto; there are slight variations between UNIX platforms.

It is faster to recover files yourself from the ${HOME}/Backup directory whenever possible since it does not involve the staff loading tapes when time permits.