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How do I access other AFS cells?

Last updated: July 31st, 2013 04:46 PM

You do not need to have a user account at another AFS site (cell) inorder to access data stored at the sites listed in /afs. Simply follow the directory hierarchy using the UNIX cd command for the chosen site. It may take a while for the data to be transferred from the remote site for this command to complete. The usual UNIX commands for reading and copying files apply, but you will only be able to access files that are AFS publicly readable as granted by the owner of the file(s).

If you do have an account at another cell, as many of us do from previous undergraduate AFS sites, or currently at this University's CIS department, you do not need to directly log into the University's machines to gain full access to your files in this account. For example, if you have an account at Pitt CIS (another AFS site) you can gain full access rights to your remote files by authenticating with the remote cell site; in this case "". To do this, the AFS "klog" command is used. You will need to know the name of the remote cell, your username for the remote account, and you will be prompted for your remote password:

klog -principal username -cell
If your CIS username is the same as your Computer Science Department username, you will not need to specify the "-principal username" parameter. AFS will return a token that gives you the same access rights as when you are logged into your CIS account directly.

NOTES. The AFS command "tokens", will tell you what cells you are currently authenticated for. The AFS command "unlog -cell" will discard the token for access to the specified cell; careful... not specifying a cell will discard all tokens including access rights to your home directories. If this happens just klog again with no parameters; your current login cell is used by default.