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What do I do if I suspect I am having a hardware or software problem?

Last updated: August 1st, 2013 08:40 AM

If applicable, consult the man page to be sure you are using the command correctly. In many cases, other students may be of help. If the problem persists, you suspect a machine is down, or can not access files you previously had access to, send e-mail to Describe the problem as thoroughly and succinctly as possible, including as necessary, the name of the command, the path of the command, the machine in question, and other pertinent symptoms/conditions. In some cases it may be necessary to include the conditions required to duplicate the problem.

Mail sent to is entered into the tech queue of the Department's ticket system and is read by the technical support staff.  In most cases, we can respond to your request rather quickly, however some requests will take longer.  Please be patient.