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How do I set up my UNIX account to use LaTeX?

Last updated: August 1st, 2013 08:41 AM

Edit your .cshrc file or equivalent and add the following statement at some point after the code used to set your shell "PATH" variable:

source /usr/local/etc/latex.env
For the majority of users, this is all that will be necessary. The file latex.env will add to your UNIX shell environment all of the necessary paths and environment variable defaults upon logging in. You may execute this command manually as well in order to avoid logging out, then back in for the first-time user.

Users can make additional modifications to the variables set in this file if necessary.


Note that if you are using the department standard cshrc script you need not do anything. This shell script executes latex.env for you. Customizations to your latex environment may be made in your .cshrc.custom file.