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How do I set up my Windows machine at home to be able to access AFS files?

Last updated: July 18th, 2016 03:34 PM

Please follow the instructions found on our SSO page and return here after you finish installing AFS.

Login and authenticate to AFS.

It is now time to map an AFS drive to a drive letter. You do this via the "MAP NETWORK DRIVE" menu by right clicking on "MY COMPUTER" (or "COMPUTER" depending upon your version of Windows). The general syntax is \\afs\ where "afs" is the "server" and the "" path is the "share".

To map to a specific afs path, just enter the path after the share "". For example, to map to the files of username "maestro" the syntax would be \\afs\\usr0\maestro

Another important mapping you may want to create is the "all" mapping. This maps the AFS root cell to a drive-letter of your choosing. This will allow you to read and share files in world-wide AFS cells including the cell.

This is accomplished using the syntax \\afs\all

The standard drive mappings that we use on the departmental Windows machines are:

  • M: - the currently logged on user's home directory
  • N: -  the AFS root cell