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How can I install programs (for everyone to use and not using my own disk quota) in the UNIX machines?

Last updated: August 1st, 2013 08:44 AM

Here is the procedure to follow when upgrading or installing software on the contributor´┐Żs directory usr/local/contrib:
  1. Send a request to and request to be added to the contributor's list.  Be sure to specify what you want to install in this e-mail!
  2. Download the software into the contrib directory, untar, etc.
  3. Install the software for as many platforms as possible.  Here is a list of the platforms we currently support:

  4.         - any of the Elements machines for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (see the chart at the top of this page for the different RHEL variants)
            - for Solaris 9
            - for Solaris 10
  5. The install procedure is as follows:
  1. There is a directory under /usr/local/contrib that you add the software to.  Unzip the software and add the sources to /usr/local/contrib/XXX/src and add the binaries to /usr/local/contrib/bin (NOTE:  No XXX in the bin directory, it is pure /usr/local/contrib/bin).
  2. Write a documentation or README file that will reside in the /usr/local/contrib/XXX directory.  This should include the paths and the variables that the software requires.  If the usage is complicated, a script should be created to facilitate using the program.
  3. Install the man pages in /usr/local/contrib/man.

Thanks again for volunteering!  We truly appreciate it!  Also, let tech know if you have any problems.