Dept of Computer Science

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Computer Science Departmental Accounts

The Computer Science Department maintains its own accounts for use with departmental resources. While classrooms are able to authenticate to your CSSD (University of Pittsburgh) account, you will need a Computer Science account if you plan to work on anything else or use our AFS cell.

Account Types

The following account types are made available by the Computer Science Department

CS Faculty
Non-CS Faculty must apply for a Guest account and list a CS Faculty member as the sponsor for the account
CS Part-Time Faculty or Instructor
Faculty with Secondary Appointment at CS
CS Department Staff
CS Graduate Student
Registered CS Graduate Students only
CS Undergraduate Student
Apply only if instructed to do so by a CS Faculty or Staff member
CS UTA or Peer Tutor
CS Postdoctoral Researcher
ISP Account
Members of the ISP Program
Authorization Account Only
Includes Non-CS Faculty and Non-CS students taking a CS Graduate course

Account Terms & Conditions

The following activities are considered disruptive to the user community and will be considered as necessitating disciplinary action. At a minimum this may result in the suspension of account privileges.

  • Accesses or malicious attempts to access files of other users or system files for which you are not authorized to access.
  • Harassing of other users either by e-mail or other means of communication.
  • Inappropriate use of computer facilities, for example using university or departmental facilities for personal financial gain.
  • Knowingly importing files known to have viruses (destructive or otherwise) or the creating of viruses in any software resident on departmental systems.

If you have read and understand the above, click on on the link below to go our new account application page.

Apply for a CS Account