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Dept of Computer Science

Technical Staff


Hardware & Procedures

1. Which machines can I use?

2. How do I connect to the CS UNIX servers?

3. Which printers can I use?

4. What is appropriate use of the printers?

5. How do I send files to the printers?

6. How do I send pdf files to the printers?

7. Where are the departmental photocopiers?

8. How can I access the wireless network in Sennott Square?

9. How can I get information about the video conferencing room in Sennott Square?

10. What are the configurations of the public printers?

11. How do I configure my Windows 7 machine to print?

12. How do I configure my Macintosh to print?

13. How do I get help with

Software & Procedures

1. What software is in the CS Windows image?

2. How do I create a Subversion repository for a code project?

3. How do I use CSSD's VPN to access computing resources in the department?

4. How do I change my password?

5. What are the password requirements?

6. Why can't my directory under public/html be seen?

7. How do I check my e-mail?

8. How do I read my e-mail from home?

9. What is the URL for my home page?

10. What kinds of programs are there on the CS machines?

11. What information is available online?

12. How do I logout?

13. What do I do if I suspect I am having a hardware or software problem?

14. How do I set up my UNIX account to use LaTeX?

15. How do I set up my UNIX account to run other software in the Department?

16. How do I set up my Windows machine at home to be able to access AFS files?

17. How do I verify if the message I got about a virus is true or not?

18. Why do I sometimes get 2 requests for passwords when logging into Linux?

19. How can I look and edit MS Office (Word, Excel, etc) files in the UNIX machines?

20. How can I add to my $PATH variable?

21. How can I install programs (for everyone to use and not using my own disk quota) in the UNIX machines?

22. How do I create a symbolic link in UNIX?

23. How to have email forwarded to another address?

24. As an Instructor, I want to limit the network access during the classes I teach. What can I do?

25. How can I use Ruby on Rails?

26. CSSD's Faculty Computing Program

27. What is my e-mail official address?

Disks & Files

1. How often are my files backed up?

2. What do I do if I need more disk space?

3. How are my files set up?

4. How do I control access to my AFS files?

5. How do I set recursive permissions in AFS?

6. When I do an "ls -l" on the '/afs' directory, my terminal hangs. Why?

7. How do I access other AFS cells?

8. I frequently have problems accessing files after I have been logged in for a long time. Why?

9. How do I clean up my account to get more space (core files specifically)?

10. What is my e-mail return address?

11. I have a long-running process. How can I maintain access to my AFS files?

Other Important Topics

1. What do I do if the pipes are leaking, the elevator doesn't work, my room is too hot or too cold?

2. My Pitt ID will not open the doors!

3. I need access to the copy machine!

4. I need to borrow a projector, a laptop or the conference phone!